Chapter 3: U G H

July 06, 2014 // 9:07 PM // Comments

July! 6 out of 12 months, and I still feel like nothing has changed at all. School’s been practically the same, only this time it’s gotten a lot more "challenging" for most of us. Don’t wanna expound that one but believe me, it’s gotten rough and tough. Plus, I’m done talking shit about it ever because I know TOO well that it will be over anytime soon. I just hope that “soon” will really be soon.

Anyways, take some of these bullets:

  • Golden Leaves by Passenger. Trust my music taste.
  • I am nervously nervous for July.
  • Still waiting for any announcements regarding My Mad Fat Diary season 3.
  • Champagne Supernova is an important song.
  • The new 5SOS record is A+
  • I think we all secretly want to skip to 2015. Don’t fool yourself.
  • I think I’ve mentioned countless of times that I want my own flat ‘cause I feel like this house is restricting my movements. I want freedom.
  • 2014 is like 2013 version 2.0.
  • "I’m a 6, she’s a 10."
  • I saw TFIOS weeks ago.
  • I hope I can spend enough money this July so I can have an awesome August pls
  • Finished GoT this week. Another reason we should fast-forward to 2015 for Season 5.
  • More concerts more parties pls
  • ED SHEERAN ON 2015
  • I think I should make a separate post about my 2K15 expectations.
  • More moolah as well.
  • I know I mentioned a while ago that I’m not gonna talk about my hellish school life again but I’m terribly nervous for our SYSTEMS class fuck
  • We’ll never be as young as we are now so SEIZE.
  • BYE

Today it dawned upon me that life is chiefly just a mass landfill of clichés (including the title of this post) and maybe that’s an enough explanation why a lot of people are bored stiff (just like my present condition right now).

Now, let me tell you a thing or two about my first day on my final college term. I woke up wad earlier than my alarm clock (achievement unlocked) so I took the chance to stretch some muscles off before going to school (I fucking exercised wow) but I felt contrite about it because I did a number of sit-ups that felt like my throat is being hammered into thin sheets. I damn nearly puked my eyes out because the sensation I felt in my neck was nauseating (understatement) so I have to stop. Got some bath, got ready, then off I go.

Everything was easy-flowing, thought I wasn’t going to be late for the first time in forever (another fucking cliché thank you) until the universe decided to go up against me by summoning an army of cars, causing a city-wide traffic jam. I have to walk at least a few kilometers to reach the golden gates of my school, not to mention I’m sweltering like a mini-Niagara. Thank goodness the guard didn’t asked for my ID as a penalty for being late on our #MorningAssemblyMondays or else I would’ve lost every single ounce of my judgment and puke all over myself (I still feel sick because of that silly sit-ups I did). I was quite silent & atomic the whole day because I had some pretty rough hell of a morning.

Getting home early from school was definitely the only good news I received today. I regained some of my consciousness in reality and started to feel some positive vibes around when I thought about coming home early & be a couch potato for the rest of day until this shake-up occurred. History repeating itself, travelling back from school to home is just another rerun of all the events that took place earlier this morning. The traffic jam is as crazy as ever, not to mention the heat of the metro is as raging as every guy’s morning boner. I call this day bullshit. I’d like to believe that this day never happened because it just reminded me of all the stress and strains I forcefully undertook and forgotten over these past few years as a patriotic commuter.

And just like that, every single ounce of hope I invested on my country went down the drain, down the pipes, and down to hell. Never-fucking-mind, wherever-the-hell-country-I-am. I am zonked of all your loaded clichés.

(hashtag cliché post)

Chapter One: HELL-o

June 15, 2014 // 9:56 PM // Comments

I don’t know how I did it or how it happened, but tomorrow, I’m gonna be on my final semester as a college student. Wow. Fucking wow. My 2011-self would be shocked if he finds out that I actually made it until the end of this roller coaster hell of a ride. So many things have happened and I have to admit that most of them are pretty stormy, and I sure do not want to recall those blood-curdling moments. But what really scares me the most right now is the future.

This summer, I’ve done some thinking about my “controversial” choices in the past and how it made a defining dent to my current situation. What I know now is, I’m gonna confront my mistakes and make sure that it will all stop at a certain point. I don’t want to create a trough nor a hollow on my journey towards my goal. I have so many plans that I have to accomplish and I’ve had enough of all these diversions. Instead, I’m gonna bring my best this semester; since it’s the last one so I think that’s the greatest excuse to be motivated; since we all are “save-the-best-for-last” warriors. I know for the fact that this whole “college” thing is the worst decision I’ve ever made so far (and I’m definitely not up to defeat that benchmark ever), so I’ll just make it a point that if I did make an excellent job on this last straw of stress, then I can finally do whatever the hell I want and pursue what really floats my boat. I’d be a zombie if they want me to, just get me out of here afterwards.

I hate college. I passionately hate college. And that’s saying a lot coming from me, because I consider myself a philomath. I love learning, generally. But the kind of thing I’m learning in school right now is beyond appalling and up until now I still cannot fucking believe I signed up for this shit a few years back. Piece of advice: College is a serious matter. Don’t rush your actions and don’t get caught up in the spur of the moment that you’re finally going out of that freak jungle called high school. Think a million times, ‘cause your choice will DEFINE your future. You don’t want some shoulda-woulda-coulda-woulda questions in your head right before you go to sleep. Seriously. You’ll bleed yourself.